Voice of Chicago

Voice of Chicago

Steve Bertrand, Jour ’85, has a simple career-building strategy: Always say yes.

It’s what he said to applying for a job with Chicago’s WGN Radio after graduation, despite having spent most of his time at Marquette preparing for a career in TV. He said it again when WGN’s sports department asked him to produce the weekly Chicago Bears football broadcasts and interview then-coach Mike Ditka after each game. “I wasn’t a sports guy,” he says.

“If you have the chance to do something, do it,” advises Bertrand.

That philosophy led him to hosting Meet the Writers audio interviews for five years for barnesandnoble.com. He interviewed some of the world’s top writers — including Stephen King, who called it one of the best interviews he’d ever done.

In addition to his WGN news anchor duties, he hosts the highly successful Steve Bertrand on Books podcast along with the Business Lunch. He has also created Steve Bertrand Travel, organizing and sometimes leading European fundraising vacations for charities and other organizations.

Could he be called an entrepreneur? “I’ve never been a business guy, and that may be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard,” he says and laughs. “But I guess I have become a bit of one.”

Bertrand, who received the Diederich College of Communication 2012 Communicator of the Year Award, was honored in May with a spot on WGN’s Walk of Fame. “Marquette gave me a foundation and an anchor — and a skylight to what was possible,” he says. — Becky Dubin Jenkins


  1. Steve, I was listening to you when I lived in Chicago. I got my first job right out of Marquette at Leo Burnett Advertising. Now I moved to Central Illinois where my husband’s family is from. Did you do an interview on Milt Rosenberg’s show a few years back about your Mom and the war? A movie or documentary? It was a great interview and I wanted to get in touch with you because I found out many secrets about my parents and WWII that I never knew when I was growing up here in the States. Would you care to reply to me about this?

    Helen (Herominski) Engelbrecht Marquette Alum

      1. Ok. Thanks for the info. I must look up some of Milt Rosenberg’s radio shows to see if I can find this person. I thought it was someone from WGN.

        Helen Engelbrecht, Alum

  2. This article only covers a small amount of the pluses that Steve Bertrand brings to the WGN radio audience. When Steve was at Marquette, we were the Warriors ! Len Kasper MU “93, ( Cubs Baseball) talks about the 1977 NCAA Champs—the Warriors! Why do we now have a fowl term describe our Basketball team? Write Dr. Lovell at Zilber Hall on Wisconsin Ave. and let him know, it is time to return to the Warriors!!!

  3. Talented, funny, humble yet ambitious and confident is my memory of Steve back in ’81-’85 at Marquette. His success is much deserved!!

  4. As a fellow MU alum, 1964 and 1969, I am extremely proud of Steve. Not only is he an excellent journalist/broadcaster, he is also a wonderful family man. Sharing stories with Kathy and Judy, you can sense the humor as well as the sensitivity he displays in teaching his children. Great job Steve and congrats on a job well done!

  5. Congratulations on a fine profile, and on the career you have made. I hear you on some of the WGN podcasts, one of my contacts to home (8th year now working at the Vatican). You do the Class of ’85 proud. Thanks for that!

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