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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Our Q&A with Governor Walker

Editor’s note:
Here are samples of various opinions alumni expressed regarding our Q&A with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the summer issue.

I just received my issue of the alumni magazine. About your puff piece in Scott Walker, I am very disappointed. To refer to Walker as an alum does a disservice to everyone who worked hard to receive a degree. I feel you are diminishing my degree. I also feel Mr. Walker stands for values that were not promoted by the Jesuits and educators at Marquette. It [is] evident Mr. Walker does not support social justice or the value of higher education, and learned nothing in his time at Marquette.
Kathleen Jennings Moroz, Arts ’65

The communication college at Marquette teaches its students to be open-minded and take every opportunity to do an interview that has a potential audience, so I was happy to see such a well-articulated and unbiased piece. Being a decision-maker has its perks but it also has its burdens. In an ideal world, everyone would get what they want, no cutbacks, no layoffs and no deficits. We, however, live in no such place. We have to live in times when the going gets tough, but when those times come I know I will always feel better knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because a leader like Scott Walker is at the helm.
Lukas Baker, Comm ’15

Like many others who have already responded, I am disappointed the Marquette Magazine ran this interview right here, right now. Why not years ago when he first became governor? By running this article now, I think you unnecessarily added Marquette and Walker’s lack-of-alumni status into the political ring. We do not need Marquette to be part of his presidential bid and/or to provide any credibility about his college experience. Scott Walker did not graduate from Marquette. Period.
Pam McNamara, Bus Ad ’79

Now that you have run an article on a student running for president who did not graduate, “Oval Office Aspiration,” how about following up with another candidate for any office who did graduate? I remember students who worked at one or more jobs and burned the midnight oil just so they could graduate. Also maybe find a candidate who believes in full and adequate funding for public universities.
Earl Finkler, Jour ’63

Issue pleases new parent

My son, also my oldest, is attending Marquette this fall. Besides visiting the campus and going through Preview Weekend, it was fantastic to become more familiar with the university and its alumni through your magazine.

The first issue we received absolutely blew me away. I was very impressed by the physical quality of the magazine, as well as the impressive articles within. I especially enjoyed the article “Leader of the Pack.” It was exciting to read about the innovation going on at Harley-Davidson and to know that Jeff Richlen, Grad ’07, was helping forge new territory in this sector. I also was captivated by Kimberley Motley, Law ’03, and her intelligence as well as her bravery in the article “Trying times.” Her life work reads like something out of a movie. Reading about the 2015 All-University Award recipients and their accomplishments and dedication to Marquette University was very inspiring. I also found it heartwarming to peruse the many alumni weddings, births and anniversaries in “Class Notes.”
I look forward to seeing what the next issue has in store for me. What a wonderful introduction to the Marquette experience.
Maria Young, parent of freshman student

Football and Andrie memories

As a follow-up to Colin Oakes’ remarks in your last issue about Marquette football player George Andrie, I have an anecdote. In the 1960s, when I was running the Cleveland alumni chapter, we used to award trophies to famous Marquette athletes who came to Cleve-
land for a game “for helping keep Marquette nationally famous.” We would have a program for the visiting player at his hotel the night before the game.
We held one for Andrie, who came with the Dallas Cowboys to play the Cleveland Browns. He brought along his future Hall of Fame teammate Bob Lilly. When we gave Andrie the trophy, he said: “I have been in every major city in the U.S. for games, and no one ever so much as shook hands to welcome me. And you guys give me a trophy. I really appreciate it.”
An interesting sidelight is that the two players each had a can of beer that they kept out of sight because the son of Coach Tom Landry was also in the dining room. The players said the son was a chaperone who would report them for drinking beer before a game.
Tom Rohan, Jour ’43

Editor’s note:
In this issue’s “Campus Replay” column, read about how students in the Diederich College took the initiative to relive a bit of Marquette football with George Andrie. Their efforts resulted in the documentary film Doomsday Warriors: The Story of George Andrie.

“That’s me!”

Who do I recognize (in the circa 1974 band photo)? I recognize me! (third student from left). What great memories. How about a retake of the group?
Cheryl Kennis, Sp ’75

You asked for feedback about the photo on the back cover of the summer 2015 edition of Marquette Magazine. The horn player at the far right in that picture is Anne L. Szcygiel, a friend of mine, who graduated in speech in 1975.
Virginia Keyser Reinmuller, Arts ’75

Remember ’50s grads

I felt left out in the summer 2015 issue since you listed no 1950s graduates. I am an August 1950 alumna with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, later changed to arts and sciences. I was an honors student at Cudahy High School. … I started my freshman year at Marquette in September 1946. I had a college preparatory program for four years but was the only senior graduate who actually entered and finished the four-year college degree with Marquette classes. It was done with encouragement from Rev. Peter A. Brooks, S.J., and my job with the Wisconsin Telephone Co., by which I paid all my living and college expenses since I was 16 years old.
Tess (Nigorski) Whitehouse, Arts ’50

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  1. Be honest, Mr. / Ms. Editor: Regarding the summer issue “interview” of Scott Walker, how many letters did you get that were positive and how many were negative?

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