Klingler College reducing credits

Beginning with the fall 2015 semester, students in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences will earn 120 credits instead of 128. 

“By making this move, we will be aligned with other major Catholic institutions, including Boston College, Georgetown, Loyola (Chicago) and Creighton,” says Dr. Richard Holz, dean of the college. The decision was based on what is best for students both pedagogically and financially, adds Holz. “More students will now be able to graduate in four years, which will reduce their overall debt load and time to degree,” he says.

> The Klingler College is Marquette’s largest, with 2,800 students majoring in a wide span of programs. It is home to the University Core of Common Studies, study abroad, the Honors Program, and award-winning advising and Introduction to Inquiry programs.

> With the new curriculum requirements, undergraduates in a B.A. major will complete three semesters of foreign language. Undergraduates in the B.S. majors will be able to double major in the social sciences and the humanities and fulfill their interest in other electives such as English, psychology, etc., on an accelerated timeline.

> Current students will have the opportunity to move to a new undergraduate bulletin to take advantage of the revised curricular requirements.  Marquette will begin communicating details of the program, procedure and timeline to help incoming students plan their four-year progression to graduation.

> Guides are being developed to help transfer students understand what credits will transfer when they join Marquette. “This change will help transfer students have better access to high-impact college practices while still graduating with a Marquette degree in four years,” Holz says. — JMM


  1. Any action which promotes the attainment of a liberal arts degree is a good one. I am surprised and pleased that the Klingler College is MU’s largest. I wish that more students recognized the value of an Arts degree.

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