Letters: Spring 2015

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Issue kudos

My compliments on an exceptional issue. Loved the stories (especially about President Lovell and Pixar animator James Ford Murphy) and the inviting design.
Andy Haas Schneider, Jour ’84

Wanted to let you how much I enjoyed the fall/winter issue of the magazine. Very well done with lots of interesting articles.
Jack Witzel, Eng ’51

Kennedy memory

I have never heard a speech more succinct or profound. He spoke for 12 minutes, and 50 years later I remember what he said as if it were yesterday. In essence, “You are a part of 9 percent of the population that has earned a college degree. To whom much is given, much is expected. Stand up and be counted.” I have tried to live up to that challenge, much to the periodic chagrin of those around me.
Pam Jung, Arts ’64

Archival memory

About the last-page photo of dental hygiene students in the winter issue — I was a freshman at Marquette in 1951–52, living in Merritty Hall, where there were several dental hygiene students. … Merritty girls had the brightest teeth on campus because clients scheduled for the dental clinic sometimes canceled or didn’t show. As a result, Merritty roommates were often recruited for another cleaning.
Mary “Pecky” (Keating) Kelly, Arts ’54

Online comments

Lehner’s focus on church in dialogue

That fits in with Pope Francis warning us “to resist the ‘temptation’ to flee the tension.” With respectful dialogue, we allow space in the situation for the Holy Spirit to work.
Mike Ditscheit, Eng ’69

Katie’s story inspires

Beautiful Katie has demonstrated in her young life how God spreads His Kingdom. She evangelizes as Pope Francis has urged us. I hope everyone reads her story.
Otto “Mike” Bonahoom, Law ’54

Your ministry and enthusiasm are fantastic. I am proud of you for living out your vision and touching the lives of SO many so far away from your own “comfort zone.”
Anne McDevitt, Arts ’82

Yeah, Katie! I love all the talk of accompaniment and everything in between. Hey, garden lady, just being present and building those relationships! Paz!
Steph Guertin, Arts ’10

Katie, it put a smile on my face when I saw your picture. My smile grew bigger as I read about how you’re beautifully living your life doing what you’re passionate about. Many blessings to you in your continued work!
Anna Villanueva, Nurs ’08

James Foley honored
Editor’s note: 

James Foley’s example and sacrifice were honored in Uganda. Marquette Magazine received notification that the Turkish–Muslim charities of Istanbul-based Kimse Yok Mu and U.S.-based Embrace Relief Foundation constructed a well to deliver drinking water to 2,000 Ugandans. It was dedicated in memory of Foley, Arts ’96, who was kidnapped in 2012 in Syria and died at the hands of his captors in August 2014. In accepting the gift on behalf of his son, John Foley said: “Jim has received many awards recently for his courage, his commitment and his compassion, but I can’t think of a more appropriate acknowledgement of his life than this well.”

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