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Have you heard the voice in Marquette’s new commercial Ignite? Does it sound familiar?

You may recognize the voice of idealistic district attorney Harvey Dent. But before becoming the good guy (maybe going bad guy) on Fox television’s new series Gotham, we knew him as Nick D’Agosto.

When asked to be the voice in the university’s commercial, D’Agosto, Comm ’02, quickly accepted — and donated his honorarium to a Los Angeles charity. “I was honored to be involved and excited to try my hand at it,” he says.


D’Agosto’s voice was recorded at a sound studio in Hollywood under the long-distance guidance of directors at Marquette. The video features iconic campus images, faculty and students, and it calls on agile thinkers, fearless leaders and willing servants to be “the force that acts for good no matter what.”

Or as D’Agosto says, using his best good guy voice:

When a drive for excellence combines with social justice, there is energy. When entrepreneurial spirit is unified with a passion for service, there is power. And when we bring people with these convictions together, they ignite. … ”

Ignite was viewed more than 7,000 times in one month. Watch it at and search “Ignite.” — BDJ

Nicknamed “Apollo” for his looks and image, Harvey Dent is one of Batman’s biggest allies until mobster Sal “The Boss” Maroni throws acid on his face. He’s left with a scarred face — and the mind of a deranged criminal. He adopts the persona Two-Face, who flips a coin to make decisions. “It’s a dream as an actor to have an arc that carries your character from being a good guy with true intentions all the way through to being a villainous psychopath, with variations on both sides in between,” D’Agosto says.

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