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College of Health Sciences receives $5 million for mental health center

Dr. Michael and Billie Kubly have a personal reason to fund mental health research — their son, Charles, took his life at age 28 after a long battle with depression.

The Kublys founded the Charles E. Kubly Foundation with the goal of improving the lives of those who battle depression. However their recent gift of $5 million to Marquette to establish the Kubly Family Mental Health Research Center didn’t come from the foundation. It was personal.

“When it comes to funding the mental health center, it was important to us that it was a personal donation,” says Billie. “Through a personal gift, we have an opportunity to draw attention to the need for research and help remove the stigma that can be a barrier to charitable funding.”

The gift will support ongoing research in the college and allow additional faculty and research opportunities.

“We’ve built a team of research neuroscientists here whose work is focused on finding the underlying causes of mental illness and discovering new, more effective ways to treat those illnesses,” says Dr. William Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences and director of the Integrative Neuroscience Research Center. “The Kublys’ generous gift is an investment that will allow us to expand our team and our research capabilities, and for that we’re very grateful.”

The Kublys say people don’t often fund research into diseases like depression. “I hope our gift will inspire others to give as well,” says Billie. “It’s an important area of study and it’s one that needs more attention.” — JL


  1. I was personally touched when reading about this family who was able to overcome the tragedy of their son’s mental illness to provide hope to others facing this silent disease and I am proud that my Alma Mater (class of 1974) will be providing information and hope to families that face the grief, shame and alienation associated with mental illness. BE the Difference

  2. I am very thankful for this family’s gift. I battle depression and it is a very difficult subject matter. I am grateful for their donation and to be a part of the Marquette community (Class of 1999).

    Leslie Chatwood

  3. Amazingly generous and such an incredibly important mission to fund and research mental health issues!! This is wonderful for Marquette and all the lives this gift will touch!

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