Water world

Water world

At the forefront of Milwaukee’s water research work stands an alumnus and Marquette Law School.

Who better to put Marquette in the middle of the world’s most challenging water policy issues than an alumnus with a track record for working on water treatment facilities as well as environmental law?

David Strifling’s cross-training made him a perfect fit.

After he graduated with an engineering degree in 2000, Strifling helped design waste water treatment facilities. He returned to Marquette to earn a law degree in 2004, training that allowed him to work on environmental issues and the
law. Strifling brings that dual focus to his role as director of Marquette Law School’s Water Law and Policy Initiative. “My whole career has been focused around water,” he says. “This is a unique opportunity to build something that’s unlike anything else in the country — and do it here in Milwaukee, which is positioning itself as a world water hub. This is the perfect job for me.”

Strifling teaches a workshop on water technology law and policy in the Law School that is open to students in other colleges — such as engineering. He is also helping introduce Marquette law students to environmental-themed internships. His efforts are an extension of the Law School’s extensive public policy work, and in support President Michael Lovell’s goal to increase the university’s involvement in Milwaukee’s growing water research efforts. “It’s the right thing at the right time,” Strifling says. “When you look at what President Lovell is trying to do with the university calling for greater engagement by the different units in water matters, it’s a really good fit for me, personally and professionally.” — CJ

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