So tell us …

So tell us …

How can newbie grads find their workplace passion?

Marquette Magazine asked staff in the Career Services Center to weigh in.

• Best thing about hindsight: Learn from your mistakes by reflecting on what you could have done differently — and better.

• Keep polishing: With each new project or undertaking, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile. People won’t know if you don’t tell them.

• Be a source: Share relevant articles with co-workers; consider posting them on your social media sites. Be that go-to person.


  1. Ask questions! You may have taken a job out of college just to start bringing in an income. But ask other employees what their jobs entail and find out what other positions exist in the company. Ask friends in other companies to describe their daily duties. You might discover a job or position that you never heard of prompting you to say, “I’d LOVE to do that!”

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