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What MU student event do you miss most?

“Tuesday night Mass with Fr. Naus!”

“Breakfast club! Sophomore year there was this diehard group of us who always ate together before heading for class.”

“Friday afternoon Grill Concerts in Brooks Union.”

“The Senior Week campfire that’s held off campus.”

What inspires you?

“People who make me think.”

“Traveling to ancient religious ruins in Turkey, Italy and Sicily.”

“For 70 years, Marquette University and the wonderful Jesuits that taught me, and continue to teach my grandchildren.”

“My mother, when I look at everything she was able to accomplish and she only had an elementary school education. I know there are no limits to what I can accomplish.”
Vanessa Ann

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  1. We miss the block parties!!!! Especially the block party, fall of 1981, to honor the 100th Anniversary of Marquette University! Maureen Craddock Carini Arts & Sciences ’85 & Joseph B. Carini III Journalism ’85.

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