Brian Godish

Bradley’s team

Brian Godish, Bus Ad ’00, found healing in hoops.

Brian and his 5-year-old twins, Bradley and Charlotte, met men’s basketball recruit Henry Ellenson this spring. It was just one example of the support the family received from the Marquette community during a difficult time.

Bradley was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last November and recently received a stem cell transplant, with stem cells from his sister. The Godishes live in the Chicago suburbs but stayed in the Ronald McDonald House downtown to be close to the hospital during Bradley’s treatments. When the annual McDonald’s All-American game brought the top high school players to Chicago this spring, Brian addressed both teams, encouraging players to continue serving their communities in the future.

“In a way, it was an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he says. “In the other regard, it was obviously something you hope to never come across because you don’t want your son to have cancer.”

Ellenson painted a picture of a Marquette basketball jersey for Charlotte, and he signed it. “It was such a cool moment. He was just being Henry — he wasn’t being ‘Henry Ellenson, All-American, Wisconsin Player of the Year,’” Brian says.

The Godish family received more support from Marquette. Men’s basketball Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski called. And after their story was posted in online Marquette fan forums, offers of financial support began to stream in. “People just reached out by the hundreds,” Brian says. “It was insane. My wife and I both agree that we couldn’t be where we are mentally and emotionally without the Marquette family. It’s just incredible.” — CJ


  1. The people at the MU basketball site MUScoop paid money into Bradley’s Team to help with his fight. There were MDs and lawyers and scientists from MUScoop who stepped up to help.

    You should do an article on MUScoop. It is a great example of how MU grads take care of their own.

  2. Much of what Marquette stands for is embodied in the virtual pages of MU Scoop. As news of young Bradley’s struggle became known to the MU Scoop community people stepped forward to offer money, prayer, and advice.

    I was proud to say I am from Marquette as I witnessed the outpouring of love and concern. MU Scoop brings out the very best in some already good people.

  3. great to hear Bradley is doing well! it is amazing how people responded to help this young man. the members of Scoop stepped up bigtime. after that it was Bradley, the incredible doctors and staff, and some well placed prayer to get the downhome lonesome cowboy to ride off into the sunset. bravo Bradley!

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