1. Hope to see a NICE article on Scott Walker. I don’t believe their have been many other presidential candidates who have attended Marquette University.

    1. Why would MU associate with a dropout who’s managed to throw his name into a crowded GOP race? “Here’s how far you can go without a degree.” He’s running for a cabinet position.

    2. Any article regarding Scott Walker and Marquette needs to include the fact that Walker never graduated from Marquette or any other college. Any NICE article about Walker should also be factual in highlighting what, if anything, he has or has not accomplished for Wisconsin. A comparison of how Wisconsin has fared in contrast to other states in the midwest and nationally would also be informative.

    3. I would agree with you Brett, a positive article about Gov. Walker would be great. However, I am not going to hold my breath.

    4. John George Schmitz (August 12, 1930 – January 10, 2001) was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives and California State Senate from Orange County, California. He was also a member of the John Birch Society. In 1972 he was the American Independent Party candidate for President of the United States, later known as the American Party. At least he graduated from MU.

  2. Your publications look 200% better and as modern as any as I have seen-Keep up the good work

    Gilesx Flanagan

  3. Love the video overview! Gets one immediately interested to look further, and ability to pick what stories to open is great. Good Job!
    — Alumna Jour-77

  4. I always look forward to the Marquette Magazine. I love the school and will always enjoy receiving the updates and news you provide. The magazine is wonderful. Thanks.

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