Animal farm

Tammera Dykema, Bus Ad ’92, knows a great spot to pick up chicks.

Head to Dominion Valley Farm, the 36-acre, all-natural farm she shares with her husband, Brandon, four boys, and hundreds of chickens, cows, pigs and turkeys. Customers come to Allenton, Wis., from as far away as Chicago to purchase their antibiotic- and hormone-free meat at the Pickup Joint. “This is our ministry in a way,” she says. “We are providing wonderful foods to families. If we wanted to get rich, we wouldn’t farm.”

Tammera grew up on a family farm but had no aspirations of actually making a living from one. Brandon wanted to be a farmer since the third grade. In 1997, the couple stumbled across a dilapidated farmhouse and land that called their names. A plan was hatched.

These days, Cornish Cross and Bronze Ranger chickens, Broad-breasted White turkeys, Tamworth and Large Black heritage hogs, and Galloway steers stomp and strut through the rolling southeastern Wisconsin hills.

Tammera is the “clean farmer.” She leads Dominion Valley Farm’s marketing efforts and customer service and also works 55 hours a week as a medical transcriptionist. Brandon tends the farm full time to ensure the cattle, poultry and pigs are raised strictly on pasture, where they’re free to roam and enjoy sunlight and fresh air.

“This optimal living environment makes for the healthiest animals and the best-tasting, most flavorful meats. We’re raising them the way God intended them to be raised,” Tammera says. — Becky Dubin Jenkins

HUNGRY? Learn more at or by calling (262) 629-9423.

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