Facebook fanatic

Genevieve Grdina, Comm ’09, spends her work time like many employees — on her Facebook page.

The difference? Her “likes” are good business. “We have to be signed into Facebook to access the internal servers, so I am on my personal Facebook account all day,” explains Grdina, an associate manager on Facebook’s corporate communications team.

She and her team share all things Facebook with the press — from news about CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition in 2012. “One of our mottos is ‘ruthless prioritization.’ I work hard to prioritize day to day and focus on exactly what is happening in the moment to stay on top of all the inquiries and press requests we receive,” she says.

Working for an innovative company has great perks. A shuttle transports Facebookers to the company’s Menlo Park, Calif., campus. Snacks and treats are plentiful in the office. Workstations fitted with the latest MacBooks and organized into pods maximize collaboration. “All of our perks are designed for convenience so people can focus on work,” Grdina says. “The environment is like coming to work at Disney World.”

A job like this didn’t exist when Grdina started at Marquette in 2005, back when a college email address was needed to access Facebook. “When they let high schoolers on, people thought it was the end of Facebook,” Grdina jokes. Turns out it was only the beginning for the social media giant. “It’s fascinating to have been at the forefront of Facebook,” she says, “when it was just a place for college kids to goof around. Now, it’s a global business with more than 1.2 billion users.” — Jessica Bazan, Comm ’14

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