Go green — rallying around recycling

The Marquette University Student Government funded two sustainability projects this year: water bottle refilling stations and reusable food to-go containers called OZZI containers. Every freshman received an OZZI on move-in day.

Water refilling stations are located in nine campus buildings. Each one keeps a tally of the number of refills, which translates into plastic water bottles saved from landfills.

The OZZI system replaces the nonrecyclable foam containers previously used for to-go orders in the dining halls. “At peak times in the union, they were pulling out 35 to 60 trash bags full of these foam containers,” says MUSG President Kyle Whelton. “The OZZIs will eliminate a huge amount of waste.”

Let it grow — Other students, faculty and staff can purchase an OZZI container from MUSG for $5. Used OZZIs can be returned to one of three campus locations to be cleaned or recycled. Students receive a voucher token upon their return that can be used for a fresh container the next time they purchase food to go.

As of press time for Marquette Magazine, students had saved more than 1,500 bottles at just the water refilling station in the Alumni Memorial Union.

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