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European vacation

European vacation

Triangle Fraternity friends meet in London and travel on to France.

L to R back row:

Liz Dincher Shelly, Dent Hy ’83; Nick Simons, Eng ’60; Bob Brehm, Eng ’59; Jim Heider, Eng ’60; Mike Mollerus, Eng ’62; Ted Hodan, Eng ’60, Law ’63; Charles “Clancy” Schueppert, Eng ’58; Bill Schwartz, Eng ’59; and Bill McGovern, Eng ’59. 

L to R front row:

Betsy Simons, Nurs ’59; Kay Brehm, Arts ’59; Judy Dincher, Nurs ’59; Margie Heider, Arts ’60; Judi Mollerus, Jour ’62; Mary Hodan, Nurs ’61; Deirdre Schueppert; Pat Schwartz, Arts ’60; Mary Kay McGovern; and Ann Schwartz, PT ’87.

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