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Feel welcome?

Feel welcome?

Is Marquette comfortable, inclusive and welcoming to all students and staff? The question is so important the university surveyed the entire campus. Here’s what we learned from nearly 4,300 people who responded.

Areas of strength include high levels of comfort with the climate at Marquette and positive attitudes about work-life issues, according to faculty and staff. Among student respondents, more than 80 percent expressed satisfaction with their intellectual development and growth at Marquette and 95 percent said they intend to graduate from Marquette.

But areas that should be a focus for improvement were revealed in comments describing exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and/or hostile conduct, particularly experienced by people of color and members of the LGBT community.

The survey received a 31 percent response rate. It was administered by Dr. Susan Rankin of Rankin & Associates Consulting. The outside consultant for the project worked for 18 months with an internal Climate Study Working Group. The study results were delivered to the university community in mid-September.

“The study is one of many ways the university is committed to maintaining and improving the environment of a campus that respects the dignity and worth of all our members,” says Dr. William Welburn, executive director of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

The working group will facilitate forums and open sessions with the Marquette community to develop three or four action items to implement this year.

“As President Lovell has noted, the survey results provide essential baseline data that identify issues that we are now in a position to address,” says Dr. Cheryl Maranto, associate professor of management and co-chair of the Campus Climate Study Working Group. “The university is committed to developing tangible action steps with timelines and measurable outcomes so that when the survey is readministered, we have benchmarks against which we can assess our progress.” — CP

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