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Survey sez…

Every student is unique, but some trends and shared characteristics show.

The first-year class is 2,021 full-time, first-time students, of which 31 percent are students of color and 23 percent are first-generation. There are 43 international students. The students were asked to respond to a survey about their Marquette experience and 1,838 did.

Here are some results —

• 96 percent said Marquette was among their top three college choices.

• 82+ percent feel a sense of belonging here.

• 77 percent expect to continue their education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

• 94 percent are likely to participate in an internship, co-op, field placement, student teaching or clinical placement.

• 68 percent are concerned about affording tuition and fees.

• 11 percent say their primary language at home is not English. Most common languages spoken at home include Spanish (53 percent), Chinese (9 percent) and Polish (6 percent).

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