Essential to studying abroad? Advice from experts

Cut yourself off from your Netflix account. There are too many things to see to spend time on your laptop. — Blaire Schrick, arts and sciences senior, Spain

Take the time to listen  to the stories of the people who lived during Apartheid, eat a boerewors from a street vendor and ride a mini-bus taxi. Don’t just study abroad, live abroad. — Diana Arroyo, arts and sciences junior, South Africa

Join different clubs  and sports through the university. Don’t be shy. — Allison Field, health sciences doctoral student, Ireland

Don’t be afraid to explore. The winding streets of London might seem intimidating, but map apps make it difficult to get lost. — Colleen Gresk, arts and sciences junior, England

When in Rome eat too much gelato, pasta and pizza, then walk it all off getting lost and exploring the city with your friends by your side. — Caroline Heckler, communication junior, Italy 

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