Star quarters

Star quarters

Move-in days are big, but this one is huge for our Jesuits.

The community will move into a modern facility built thanks to generous donors who saw the need to replace the previous “Jes Res.” The residence is named in honor of Dr. E. J. O’Brien, the father of Patricia Schneider, the facility’s lead donor.

With input from the Jesuits, Kubala Washatko Architects is now putting the finishing touches on a beauty of a building.

The red-brick structure between Schroeder Hall and the Alumni Memorial Union stands out in several ways, including the wonderfully wide windows that allow plenty of daylight and feature balcony grill work and a curving façade that brings an appealing architectural form to the ground-floor chapel.


Twenty-five living suites for the priests and three guest suites for visitors.

A walled garden encloses some of the best-loved plantings transferred from the garden at the former residence.

Parlors for private reflection, meeting rooms, two private chapels in the residential section, a private kitchen and a library.

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