Curious questions with alumni

What was your first, best MU experience?


“Move-in day: 20 minutes after my parents left, my roommate and I got stuck in the elevator.”

“The big scavenger hunt across the city.”

“My first snow day!”

“My first Friday night in Cobeen, I burnt popcorn and made the fire alarm go off in my room.”

“Tuesday night Mass.”

“Explaining how cold winter gets to a student from Malaysia and realizing we’d need to get him a coat.”

“Being hypnotized at the Varsity Theatre at New Student Orientation.”


  1. Being dropped off in front of McCormick knowing that everyone I knew was a 1000 miles away in New England and telling myself there’s no turning back now…

  2. Coming from Hawai`i, the only thing I had heard about Milwaukee was that it was cold. I thought Milwaukee would be the land of perpetual winter. When I got off the plane at General Mitchell Field, it was 82 degrees. I thought, “Wow, this is nice!”

    Well the next day, the high was 65 degrees and I was freezing! I had a jacket and a sweater on with long pants. For a Freshman orientation activity, we went to a lake, where people were swimming and water skiing. I thought they were crazy…. Them I saw a little animal scurrying into the brush and I exclaimed, “A baby squirrel.” People began to laugh, because it was not a squirrel but a chipmunk.

    By the time I graduated in 1975, Winter became my favourite season, and I definitely knew the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel.

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