Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

It was 10 degrees out when Tadhg Scully dismissed Marquette.

What changed?
I told my mom not to wake me for my tour. Then I went — and loved it. My tour guide said hi to 20 or 30 people. I came back for National Marquette Day. The student section went crazy. An alum gave me a Marquette picture frame — my first piece of MU memorabilia. That was four years ago.

How did you choose a major?
I jumped around and then found my fit in philosophy and political science.

How will you use your education?
Eventually I want to fight for equality and justice on some scale long-term, maybe in politics or with a social service agency or higher ed.

You’re a student leader for SPARK, a new program for incoming students. Has that been fun?
I’ve learned a lot about planning ahead, coordinating with so many people, juggling a lot of balls at the same time and keeping track of moving pieces.

How else have you grown?
My passion for serving others has been heightened. The phrase “men and women for others” is an accurate way to describe how I see service. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone — first in coming to Milwaukee from Seattle but also learning to respect opinions that run counter to my own. I’m willing to have hard conversations in respectful formats. Most of all I’m more able to define my values. I’ve been put in situations when I had to grow and better understand who I want to be versus what I want to do.

What are your Marquette traditions?
I have fun at almost everything I do here — Bradley Center basketball games, playing Ultimate Frisbee, getting together with all the tour guides for our Sobelman’s at 6 tradition every Friday night.

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