Where are they now?

Where are they now?
Ha! You tell us.

Some McCormick Hall residents the first full year of operation (1968–69), courtesy of Mike Straub, Arts ’70. “Although I am sure there may be many great people in the picture, the only one I think some will recognize is future well-known (at least in Chicago) sports writer, Dan McGrath (third from the left, standing).”

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  1. Not only am I in the picture (bottom left), I took the picture! I had the camera on a tripod, and the shutter had a 10-second timer on it. I tripped the timer and sprinted over to be in the picture. In the process, I accidentally nudged the camera, and it swiveled a little to the right – which is why the margin is non-existent on the left. Nice to know somebody kept the photo for almost 50 years.

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