Marquette forum

Marquette forum

Talking justice

This is about talking and listening even when opinions may be hard to hear. This is about being a university.

During the fall semester the university seized the moment when issues of racial justice and inequality were central in the national and local consciousnesses to launch a conversation format designed to inspire thinking — together.

The Marquette Forum yearlong series this year joins national and local experts with the university in discussions about justice issues. It began in October with Dr. William Welburn, executive director for institutional diversity and inclusion at Marquette, hosting a conversation with Sam Pollard about his film Two Trains Runnin’, which was featured at the Milwaukee Film Festival. The event was sponsored by the Educational Opportunity Program.

November events began with a panel discussion “Segregation in Milwaukee: A Conversation with Leaders on the Near West Side.” The panel, emceed by Vice President for Student Affairs Xavier Cole, focused on historic issues of racial injustice and segregation facing the Milwaukee community and the ways leaders on the Near West Side are thinking about and addressing issues of inequality and striving for a more just community. After the panel President Michael Lovell and other administrators participated in a dialogue dinner with community and faith leaders. The second November event —“Two Families. One Dialogue.”— was sponsored by the Marquette University Student Government and Midnight Run. It featured a showing of the film Two American Families, which depicts the lives of two Milwaukee families, one white and one black, and their struggles with the U.S. economy and the declining middle class. Students, faculty, staff and community members discussed the challenges seen in the film and ways individuals create positive change.

The Marquette Forum will welcome Dr. Angela Davis to campus on March 29th to deliver a distinguished lecture on social justice issues. Stay up-to-date at Most events are open to the public.

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